Best Of Oct. Barney's NY (Rush & Oak St.)

Very few people can do what you see in the first image. In one succinct window pane you get:
  1. The hottest topic in popular culture (the Presidential Election).
  2. A humorous nod to local pride in race (Abe of Illinois, just like Obama).
  3. An unencumbered view of the genius that is Dior tailoring.
  4. An uncluttered reminder of your civic duty (Go and VOTE!).
This is one of the strongest simple presentations I have seen, ever. I spent a considerable amount of time taking it in at all angles. 

I came to the conclusion that the single most impressive thing about the entire window, is how the whole visual is authenticated by the small piece of felt pretending to be Abe's beard. Had faux hair been used it would not have been as effective, or gratifying.

This, folks, is damn near genius.

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