Best of Oct: Barney's NY Part II

If you ever want an idea of what to strive for when creating visually compelling windows, start with these.

The artist or, surely, artists at Barney's achieve the spectacular, the odd, the jaw-dropping, the unique and the spectacular in five panes. 

Coherence, clarity, individuality, deep personality, wit, aspiration and, my favorite, relevance are all present.

To take a theme (ostrich) and work it in 5 mediums, from actual plumage, to wire hangers, even suit swatches takes more talent than one can imagine.

All well done, all telling a separate story, and done with depth (both literal and figurative).

This is usage of the window space practiced in it's highest form.

I look forward to keeping an eye out for this team's work in the coming months.

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