Swine Flu & the Economy

This is a 2007 video of the BRILLIANT Laurie Garrett discussing pandemic readiness. Her talk is in relation to the H5N1 virus, but covers the 1918 Swine Flu Outbreak, as well as our current state of preparedness for handling such an event. 

Since Mexico is ground zero for the swine flu virus that has all the world's attention, I have been watching that country's governmental response to the problem. 

Yesterday they decided to suspend all operations of private businesses and forced all travel to ground to a halt. This type of response can be expected to spread as the virus threat-level is raised.

I thought it relevant to post this video here at the Oasis because, around the world,  shopping habits are already beginning to change in the face of this somewhat mild threat.

Mrs. Garrett also spends a portion of her presentation discussing over the counter and prescription products that are associated with controlling flu outbreaks.

Her talk is 14 minutes long, with an additional (and very informative) 6-minute Q&A to follow.


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