The Economy's War on Children

I have been reading a number of interesting developments in regards to companies that service children and young adults.

Hopefully you have already had that talk with your kids about the New Economy, because if not, some of their habits are going to be broken for them.

From the obvious (you can't charge 55.00 for the right to walk in the door and expect to get away with it forever!)...

To the tragic (can there be a more telling sign of the times?)...

Sesame Street’ Producer to Reduce Workforce by 20%

To downright disastrous (careful, this is a very sore subject for me. How can this be an option?)...

Economy may force school for autism students to close their doors

To the unthinkable...

The economy is having a big impact on the world our children have come to know.

But since there is no way I am leaving my first post on kids on a downer note, read this article and  know that we can do better and will be just fine:

Kids Market Sale Aimed At Helping Families Through Economic Slump

This idea is so inspiring, so New Economy, I hope we can see this instituted in communities across the country.

Let's make it happen America!

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