Slipping Into Darkness

I promised  today, Thursday, would be a hot day for the press, as retailers reported December figures.

Here are a few stories to illustrate the point (Click Headline to read entire story):

This may seem like a lot to read, so I will ask that you only read this one in it's entirety:

Now that we have looked back, barring something spectacular being revealed, I only plan to look forward.

If one is a regular reader of the Oasis, these headlines are not surprising. There seemed to be no question this past holiday season would be horrible, the only question was how bad. 

By Thanksgiving the picture, literally (CLICK HERE), crystalized.

Our new goal, moving forward, is to discuss how to get through the coming downturn, both for retailers and consumers. Additionally, I will spot trends, spotlight innovative practices and continue to provide a lens to the retail marketplace for you, the reader.

Let's Get It Started!

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