3 MUST READ Stories

I talked about the problem with current market pricing of Retail stock, here are a few more numbers to paint an even clearer picture of what I said two weeks ago:

We have also discussed the bleak fate of malls, due to rising bankruptcies and liquidations of small chain stores. This article is spot on in discussing retail vacancy rates.

If you care to read about the incentives malls are using to keep tenants, go HERE.

The final article is the BIG indicator. Thrift stores are thriving right now. Far and away this is the most telling factor of what is ahead. I have been looking for data on this for months, as the managers at my Goodwill have been sharing info with me since July.

Not only has the Goodwill near me (West Loop, Chicago) seen a dramatic increase in shoppers, both the management and myself have noticed a demographic shift in the customer base. 

Shoppers at the store are much younger (now early 20's on up, from previous late 30's and up) and much more fashion driven. One manager related a story of how new to the thrift model some of this new clientele are. She told me of a young lady, who upon seeing another shopper with a nice black dress in her hand, asked to be called when another one came in.

Anyway, here is the read.

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