Best Product of 2008 = Consumer Democracy

Shop Savvy is a new application available on the new G1 mobile phone, powered by Google Android and sold exclusively through T-mobile.

This is the most promising and impactful development on the retail frontier right now. 

Why you ask?

This is literally the democratization of the pricing process. Imagine a customer armed with the knowledge of how much an item they are interested in purchasing cost at every retailer in the immediate area, as well as online.

Well, imagine no more. This amazing application scans the bar code on any product, then gives you the price and location for every retailer selling that item in your current zip code. As a bonus you get prices from online retailers and contact information for each of them. 

Now, if you are on the train and the person next to you recommends a book they are reading, you can scan the bar code and purchase it when you get off the train. The bottle of Veuve Clicquot may cost a few bucks less down the street, find out immediately.

Here is a demo of the application:

There is so much upside to Shop Savvy that I cannot imagine anyone not seeing this as a necessity. This will force retailers to compete on price, thus ensuring that each customer really is getting the best price on their purchase.

The future is here and it's name is Shop Savvy, on the G1 mobile phone, powered by Google Adroid, available exclusively at T-Mobile.

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