1st things 1st

If you work with, or within, the Retail community and have not read this book, please try to explain to me WHY NOT?

Mark Stevens lays out, quite clearly, the very simple framework for turning any business around. The book is example-driven and done in  very common sense fashion.

I really think it the new bible of professional management techniques. You cannot read this book and come away saying you feel as confident, or as lousy, about yourself, your team, or company. 

It is still the only book I give as a gift to professional clients, and it belongs in your library.....like yesterday.

Now why did I say all that, you ask? I think it necessary to make everyone aware that this blog is meant to be a celebration of the "new". Together I hope to share new ideas and exciting breakthroughs that are decimating the barriers that we find ourselves trying to hurdle in the everyday retail environment.

Whether it is advertising, marketing, human resources, visual presentation, merchandising, training, hiring, increasing sales, budgeting, trend-spotting, fixtures, events, promotions, online-presence or forecasting, if it has to do with the Retail Industry, it's fair game.

Let's get started..

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